Battery powered backpack sprayers are typically an investment for your home or business. Whether you're using it as a garden sprayer or a pest sprayer, it's important to clean your FlowZone after each use so it lasts for many jobs to come. Not to mention, storing a dirty sprayer could damage it and void the product warranty.

FlowZone typhoon by pine trees

Luckily, FlowZone makes it easy to flush out residual mixtures.

To  clean your sprayer tank and inlet filter automatically, first dispose of any product from the tank safely based on the manufacturer's instructions.

Next, fill the tank with fresh water and spray into a suitable location for 3-5 minutes. This should successfully clear up the filter and pump.

If you're still experiencing restricted flow after following those steps, it may be necessary to clean the inlet filter manually. Note:It is generally not necessary to manually clean the inlet filter. Please be gentle when removing, disassembling, cleaning, reassembling, and reconnecting the filter to prevent accidental damage.