FlowZone Acquires Intellectual Property from Boston Fog, LLC and Patriot™ Product Line from BMF Technologies

WESSOL, LLC and its subsidiary FlowZone® battery-powered sprayers, is pleased to announce the acquisition of intellectual property rights - including multiple utility patents - from Boston Fog, LLC and BMF Technologies, pioneers in fogging and misting technology.

This strategic acquisition includes the highly regarded Boston Fog USA patents 10,588,310, 9,414,580 and D714,898 as well as BMF Technologies patents 10,226,781 B2 and D832,890. This patented technology encompasses innovative advancements in fogging and misting systems, which are integral to a wide range of applications including pest control, agriculture, sanitization, and more.

Patent number 10,226,781 B2 specifically covers a breakthrough in efficient fluid pressurization, providing a pump-assist pressurization technology that allows manual pump sprayers to leverage battery usage while still allowing technicians to fall back on manually pumping to add pressure.

WESSOL also acquired UNIFIX Technologies’ Patriot™ aerosol injector product line. The Patriot™ Injection System line provides a proven, superior performing ultra-low volume spray technology in the aerosol injector treatment of bugs to flush and eliminate pests.

“We are excited to bring Boston Fog’s innovative technologies and the Patriot™ product line under our umbrella,” said Steve Norris, Partner, WESSOL, LLC. “This acquisition not only enhances the FlowZone® product portfolio but also strengthens our commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality spraying equipment to our customers.”

These acquisitions align with WESSOL’s strategic vision to be at the forefront of the battery-powered sprayer industry, leveraging advanced technologies to deliver superior products. The company remains committed to investing in research and development to drive continuous improvement and innovation.

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