Giving Tuesday: FlowZone Supports Substance Abuse Recovery Program

The impact of social enterprises to step into a space, provide resources, and integrate change is monumental. When peering into the business world, there are many examples of companies that choose to support a purposeful social goal that positively impacts humanity. These businesses are all over, such as Patagonia, Newmann’s Own, and many more. Each business takes on the role of serving their community through various means.

FlowZone proudly supports TROSA. Based out of Durham, North Carolina, TROSA members use our donated battery sprayers for use in lawn care and tree lot management. TROSA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps substance abusers change their lives through a comprehensive multi-year residential program. They offer vocational training, education, peer counseling/mentoring, leadership training and transitional services. 

TROSA Substance Abuse Treatment

TROSA provides substance abuse treatment for over 500 men and women in the Durham community by providing resources for those with substance use disorders, and helps them to find solid ground to stand on. Oftentimes, within substance use disorders, it’s hard not only to see a way out, but to find that way out on your own. There can be countless setbacks and it can oftentimes lead to individuals living their day-to-day lives in unsafe conditions. TROSA has produced multiple social enterprises that serve as a source of income for a lot of the individuals utilizing their program. They offer employment services of moving and storage, thrift stores, tree lots, and lawn care.

This year, on Giving Tuesday, we have been given the opportunity to participate in TROSA’s mission. As a company, we not only have a deep passion for spraying, but we value the work it takes to complete spray jobs effectively. Having the tools to make the work more effective and enjoyable is why we love making battery-powered sprayers. TROSA’s lawn care and tree lot services provide landscaping jobs for their members. All of the money made, donated, and gifted to TROSA’s lawn care and tree lot services is reinvested into the workers and the organization.

We’ve had the honor of being able to donate FlowZone sprayers to TROSA. They’ve produced an enterprise that we would love to see grow. Not only that, but we hope to contribute to the overall quality of TROSA Lawn Care and Tree Lots by donating sprayers that make a difference in producing high-level lawn care and tree lots for their customers.

Written by: Olivia Lane
Last edited: January 19, 2024


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