18V/2.6Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack


Rechargeable 18-Volt / 2.6 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion battery for use exclusively with FlowZone sprayers. TriZone™ technology prevents against overheating, over charging, and incompatible voltage protection.


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for FlowZone® sprayers. This durable battery pack is rated for up to 750 charge cycles. 

Spray continuously for over 2.5 hours with 3X protection battery technology so that you never have to worry about:

1. Overheating - cuts current if temperature becomes too hot

2. Over charging - will stop charging at 100% charge level

3. Voltage protection - will not accept higher amperage input

Never be surprised by a dead battery thanks to the LED indicator lights on the front of the battery. Pressing on the battery icon will show the charge left on your battery and the lights will blink as the battery is charging.

*NOTE* Only charge using the 21V/1A Battery Charger (Part #: FZAAEP)

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Gina H.
Amazing customer service

I messaged about 2 brand new batteries not working. I received an email right away and they helped me figure out what to and sent me 2 brand new batteries. Each person that emailed me was super pleasant and helpful. No issues at all!

Duncan S.
Battery replacement

Love my Flowzone sprayer. I have one for turf and one for shrubs. Fantastic and battery life is great. I get 8 to 10 tanks before recharging.

Allen J.
Replacement Batteries

Fantastic customer service with quick response and a willingness to help! Highly recommend this company and products

Lizbeth l.
Good service

One of the best sprayers works good and they give a good service too .

David M.

All good , I will keep buying from you guys, thanks