Milwaukee®/Dewalt®/Makita® Battery Adapter Kit


Power your FlowZone sprayer with a third-party battery pack! With adapters to popular tool brands like DeWalt®, Milwaukee®, Makita®, and Bosch®, your sprayer can run on the same platform as your other tools.

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Milwaukee® / Dewalt®

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Series 2/2.5
Series 3

Use your Milwaukee®, Dewalt®, or Makita® power tool batteries with your 4-gallon FlowZone® sprayer! Each adapter kit includes a battery cover (for larger capacity batteries) and a battery adapter.

By adding this extra compatibility component, your third party power tool branded batteries can now be used simultaneously with FlowZone's sprayer batteries. You can spray for longer, and add back-up power to your everyday spraying.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gustavo R.
Excellent product

I love the battery adapter I ordered. I can’t afford the original battery at this time and by offering the battery adapter so I can use the batteries I have already is great. I can use the backpack sprayer and not have it sitting there.
Thank you

Brent T.
Fits Well / Works Well

This adapter is simple, lightweight, and fits my DeWalt batteries without issue.

I didn’t have to use the provided door (that fits taller batteries) as I have the 20V / 2Ah batteries from DeWalt.

My sprayer (Cyclone 2.5) seems to operate just about the same amount of time with the DeWalt batteries as the original FlowZone 18V / 2.6Ah.

Jason B.
Just Great

Have many dewalt batteries and works perfect. Thanks

Michael C.
Adapter and customer service

This adapter give me access to several batteries. Of course this makes life much easier and convenient.

Customer service did an great job responding when I told them I had issue with the battery that came with my sprayer. Quick response and shipped me this apadpter.

Jerry M.

Milwaukee®/Dewalt®/Makita® Battery Adapter Kit