woman spraying yard with flowzone backpack sprayer
woman spraying perimeter of house with flowzone backpack sprayer

    Cyclone 3 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer (4-Gallon)


    Complete precision and spot-spray jobs with our lower- output backpack sprayer: the Cyclone 3™. This 3rd generation sprayer is ideal for projects that require precise chemical application.


    Now introducing the 4-Gallon Cyclone Series 3 Sprayer! With a 25-ft spray distance, this sprayer introduces design updates that significantly improve your spraying experience. By taking our customers feedback, we've implemented various tank advancements and brand new nozzle lineups.

    What's New?

    The Cyclone Series 3 Sprayer now offers:

    • Detachable Hose
    • Sealed Inner Electronics
    • Improved Serviceability
    • Updated QC Nozzles (TeeJet Style) [QC 45 Degree Fan TeeJet®, QC 0 Degree Pin Stream TeeJet®, QC Brass Adjustable Cone Nozzle]
    • More Liquid Indicator Marks
    • Wedge-lock wand holsters

      The Cyclone 3™ is a premier choice in pest control and lawncare industries.


    Spray Time: Up to 2 hours

    Spray Distance: >25 Feet

    Pressure: 7-60 psi

    Total Output: Up to 60 gallons per charge

    Lithium-ion Battery: 18V/2.6Ah

    Flow Rate: 0.25-0.50 gpm

    Pump Type: Standard Diaphragm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Scott D.
    High Quality!

    My Ryobi backpack sprayer hose cracked within two years of buying it. I was so mad at the horrible craftsmanship and foreign made cheap build. When I got my new FlowZone Cyclone 3 in the mail, I was very impressed with the quality of the materials used. Everything feels so solid compared to that ryobi. This will undoubtedly last me for years to come. Bonus buying the Makita battery converter. I am now able to use my Makita tool batteries in my backpack sprayer. Very impressed!

    joseph m.
    Love it

    Replaced my hand pump sprayer. So far so good. Love that I can use batteries I already have from my Milwaukee set. No leaks and feels good on the back.

    Fescue F.
    Best SPRAYER on the market

    Love the new Gen3 FlowZone backpack sprayers!

    Michael G.
    Great sprayer


    Mark S.

    Cyclone 3 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer (4-Gallon)