prunz™ 14.4V Battery-Powered Gardening Shears

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    prunz™ is an innovation in landscape/horticulture upkeep. Effortlessly bypass cut live-wood stems, branches, stalks, and vines up to 1-inch diameter with a squeeze of the trigger.

    prunz™ is an innovation in landscape/horticulture upkeep. Effortlessly bypass cut live-wood stems, branches, stalks, and vines up to 1-inch diameter with a squeeze of the trigger. Weighing in at <2lbs, these one-handed secateurs can make up to 3,000 cuts per battery charge (2 hour charge time).

    Ideal for consistent pruning, these garden shears will make maintenance easier than ever. Each box includes the pruners, (1) rechargeable li-ion battery, charger, (3) blade wrenches, and blade lubricant, allowing you to begin pruning right away!

    Every prunz™ shear is covered by our 1-year Limited Manufacturer's warranty.

    • BATTERY-POWERED - (1) high capacity 14.4V lithium-ion battery makes cutting easy and consistent (2 hour charge time)
    • 1-IN DIA. CUTS - Suitable for making cuts on live wood vegetation up to 1-in. diameter
    • LIGHTWEIGHT - These lightweight shears are less than 3lbs; takes only one hand to operate
    • 3,000 CUTS/CHARGE - Make non-progressive cuts all day with reliable lithium-ion technology
    • SAFE OPERATION - Integrated safety lock closes blades for storage through a long press of the trigger

    Customer Reviews

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    Alonzo J.

    Could’ve went to cordless much sooner, thinking of purchasing another battery.

    Bypass Pruning Shears

    got the Prunz 2.5 in. 14.4-Volt Battery Powered Bypass Pruning Shears to make my life easier cutting down my 78 potted perennials plants this spring. I leave them up through the winter for the birds. Love this is cordless and lightweight, that their 3,000 cuts per charge for consistent pruning to easily complete my big pruning every spring. Today I cut down my butterfly bushes, the Pruning Shears work very fast, only took me 13 minutes to cut down 11 of them, love it... Great Prunz Shears.

    Fast effortless pruning

    After charging the battery overnight, this battery-powered tool made quick work of pruning a small tree that had been pulled over by a massive amount of wet snow. Before digging it up and replanting it in an upright position, we cut it back somewhat severely in about five minutes of easy work. The largest of the limbs that we cut was one inch in diameter, and it was effortless. The instructions are simple, noting that a double-pull of the trigger is needed to open the jaws of the pruner, and that one step could be printed in bold print for easier use of the instructions. We always have pruning to do, as well as fallen branches to be cut up. We look forward to using this pruner to make these jobs faster and easier.

    Effortless electric shears for arthritic hands

    I needed these battery operated shears to solve a problem, cutting brush while having arthritis. I have a large yard with multiple hedges and brush. But over the last year or two I have gotten arthritis in my hands and have searched for tools that make it easier to clean up my yard. I first found regular shears that were adapted to make it easy to cut but they didn’t work as advertised. When I saw these shears I thought I would give them a try. They are the perfect solution! It took an adjustment period for me to get used to the way they work but once I did I found them to be VERY easy to use. They cut through any live branch up to about 1 inch with no problem at all. They will cut dead branches up to about 0.6 inch too. I even tried cutting through an old broom handle! My only warning is to keep your hands away from the blades! As it cut the broomstick I imagined getting a finger caught in the blades. Be careful because there is no stopping the blade once you press the trigger so it would be very easy to lose a finger! I have gotten into the habit of ALWAYS closing and locking the jaws when I am not using the pruner. The battery lasts for a good long afternoon of cutting.

    Bob C.
    Powerful Little Pruner!!

    This is a very nice electric pruning shears if you can get past the turn on. The instructions say: Turn ON the power switch. After the warning tone, pull the trigger two times in a row. After another warning tone, the blades will be open and be ready to operate (copied word for word from the PRUNZ instruction book). The only problem is this sequence doesn’t always work. What I found out is the sequence is right you just have to wait 1-3 seconds before you pull the trigger twice. After I figured that out the product works just fine. I did talk to a customer service representative at PRUNZ, and they told me they are revising the instruction manual to make it more clear on how to turn the shears on. To close the jaws for storing the trimmer all you have to do is hold the trigger down and the blades will close, a nice safety feature. As mentioned earlier the shears work great and cut through twigs and branches with ease. They have good power to get through twigs and branches up to 1” in diameter. Very nice unit for trimming areas that are hard to get to with a larger manual trimmer. The battery has a nice long life once charged. I did a winter trim on a dozen rose bushes and the battery was operating like it hadn’t been used at all. Even with the little turn on glitch I gave it 5 stars because the unit does prune very well.