Generate Mosquito-Borne Profit with the Vortex™ Battery-Powered Backpack Mist Blower
With the Vortex™ battery-powered fogger, there is no pull-starting the machine, teaching technicians how to mix gas and oil, storing hot machines in truck beds, or tuning up carburetors. Plus, there’s no more gasoline cost or fill-up time. If you’re a pest control company or landscaping company looking to add another service into your routine or enhance your current one, now’s the time.
Giving Tuesday: FlowZone Supports Substance Abuse Recovery Program
WESSOL, LLC proudly supports TROSA. Based out of Durham, North Carolina, TROSA members use our donated battery sprayers for use in lawn care and tree lot management. TROSA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps substance abusers change their lives through a comprehensive multi-year residential program.
A Case for Battery Powered Sprayers
When working in the field, efficiency should be a priority along with quality. The well-known saying, "time is money," could not be more true in this sense. By replacing a hand pump sprayer with a battery powered one, the unnecessary interruptions to your work (stopping to build pressure in the tank) are eliminated.
Heat Wave: Helping your Lawn in the Summer
With heat records at an all-time high this summer, we may employ a few easy techniques to lessen our landscapes' suffering due to the tremendous heat and drought suffocating our lawns and gardens. Continue reading through this article for the best tips and tricks!