Soft Washing: How To Use Low Pressure Sprayers for Mold Remediation
Keep the outside of your home clean and free from mold by spraying a 6% bleach mixture with a high-quality, low-pressure backpack sprayer from FlowZone! Click to learn how to keep your home's exterior clean with an easy-to-use battery sprayer.
Extend Backpack Sprayer Life by Cleaning After Each Use
It's important to clean your backpack sprayer after each use so that residual chemical does not build up in the filter, gun, hose, or nozzles! A simple cleaning process will drastically extend the life of your sprayer. Learn how to now!
Why Lithium-Ion Powered Sprayers?
Lithium-ion batteries have gradually overpowered traditional batteries by a storm. But what is a lithium-ion battery exactly? What makes them so great? And how can you maximize the life of your FlowZone battery
What's New in 2021?: Sprayer Updates
We just released our 2021 backpack sprayer updates! Introducing the all-new “5-Position Variable Pressure” system by FlowZone®. With 5 fixed dial positions, you can lock into any of 5 desired flow rates/pressure settings to consistently and accurately control your output.
Battery Powered Sprayers: The Perks
When it comes to sprayers, not much has changed in years. Which is why, this is the perfect time to transform an industry. #DumpThePump and find out why pros are switching to lithium-ion sprayers.