Heat Wave: Helping your Lawn in the Summer

With heat records at an all-time high this summer, we may employ a few easy techniques to lessen our landscapes' suffering due to the tremendous heat and drought suffocating our lawns and gardens. Lawns and gardens can quickly become patchy and dry if not appropriately watered during the year's hottest months. Adjusting your watering schedule is crucial.

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Are you wondering how to fix dry patches in lawn? Continue reading through this article for the best tips and tricks!

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When’s the best time of day to work on the lawn?

Working efficiently is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy landscape. Watering in the morning is the best time of day as doing it in the middle of the day results in the water evaporating before making its way to the soil.

When it comes to mowing, there are a few essential things to keep in mind:

  • Perform most lawn maintenance early in the morning (before the sun rises) for optimal results.
  • Set your mower blades to 3-inches or higher. Taller grass retains moisture and handles the heat much better.
  • Each time you mow, trim just a third of the lawn’s total height. The longer your grass is, the easier it is for your grass to consume nutrients and stay hydrated.

Avoiding brown patches in lawn

Avoiding brown spots on the lawn can be difficult in the hotter summer months. Your property is more prone to overheating, leading to dry grass and brown patches. This can easily be avoided by switching to a different watering schedule than the one you used in the spring. Watering in the morning gives the soil enough time to soak the liquid before the day's heat evaporates it.

Easy Ways To Care For Grass In The Heat

Make sure to trim your lawn at the higher end of its suggested height. Taller grass provides more profound root growth, resulting in a more drought-tolerant yard. Also, ensure your grass has the nutrients it requires to battle the summer heat. As temperatures rise, any fertilizer with a high nitrogen concentration is not what you or your lawn need.

Excess nitrogen given all at once promotes new growth, which is not enough to resist the harsh heat—overfeeding your grass results in needing more energy to thrive, causing your lawn to become distressed.

Building a rainwater collection system is also an excellent way to naturally and inexpensively incorporate watering your grass without purchasing water.

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The Best Summer Products

Caring for your lawn in the summer includes investing in good products that will help keep your lawn healthy long term and avoid dry patches in lawn.

Some of our favorite FlowZone compatible products include:

That’s How It’s Done!

We hope this article helped you become a pro when it comes to how to revive dead grass.

Written by: Jenny McGregor
Last edited: January 19, 2024

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