A Case for Battery Powered Sprayers

When working in the field, efficiency should be a priority along with quality. The well-known saying, "time is money," could not be more true in this sense. By replacing a hand pump sprayer with a battery powered one, the unnecessary interruptions to your work (stopping to build pressure in the tank) are eliminated. This is also a crucial benefit to anyone who has difficulties operating a hand pump. Spraying just got a whole lot easier.

Apply with precision

Battery powered sprayers function smoothly thanks to an automatic pump system. The diaphragm pumps in FlowZone's Pro-Series sprayers provide a continuous flow of balanced pressure. When the trigger is activated, a continuous spray enables targeted application. This makes a huge difference when compared to manual sprayers that have high pressure right after pumping the tank and low pressure before pressurizing the tank again. An even, consistent application helps to reduce the cost of chemicals and make calculating the appropriate proportions of chemicals a lot easier.

Hours of effortless spraying

Equipped with lithium-ion batteries, FlowZone sprayers provide up to 3 hours of uninterrupted spray time. Only using battery capacity when the spray gun is in open flow, FlowZone Pro-Series sprayers do not unnecessarily exhaust battery capacity between spray bursts. Keep your focus on the job and complete tasks faster than ever!

Certain models have the ability to spray over 30-feet!

Adjusts to your needs

Flexible pressure settings are a unique benefit of battery powered sprayers. With the introduction of Series 2, FlowZone now offers the ability to dial a variable-pressure knob to ensure the sprayer will meet the needs of any job. This dial seamlessly commands the sprayer to operate at 8 psi up to 115 psi. Whatever the flow requirement, there is a setting that meets it.

Case Closed

For these reasons listed above, the case is clear to consider a battery powered sprayer for your business or home. Once you use a battery powered sprayer, we can promise that you will not want to go back to the laborious hand pump sprayer.

Written by: Jenny McGregor
Last edited: January 19, 2024

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