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    Vortex 40V / 8Ah Battery-Powered Mist Blower

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    Pass on the Gas with the brand new 2.5-Gallon Vortex™ Mist Blower that can reach distances up to 25ft, and has a 50 minute continuous spray time* on Eco Mode.

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    Pass on the Gas with this brand new 2.5-Gallon Vortex™ Battery Backpack Mist Blower! With up to 50 minutes of continuous spray time* on Eco Mode, this mist blower allows you to accomplish day to day jobs with ease.

    The Vortex has been carefully designed to meet your spraying necessities and reaches blow distances of 25-ft+. As you’re spraying, the Vortex has a noise level of 70dBa and airflow properties up to 400CFM at 145MPH. Fully loaded it weighs 39lbs, and dry it sits at 19lbs.

    It comes with our fan-favorite ComfortStraps™. And, to add to the comfort we've implemented a trigger lock and adjustable trigger positioning. You can place the trigger in an area that fits your specific needs, and lock the trigger when spraying larger areas of foliage. When comparing gas-powered mist blowers, you can say goodbye to fuel costs and time lost during fill-ups. With the Vortex, there's minimal seasonal maintenance, reduced noise pollution, and decreased environmental impact.

      • 40V/8Ah lithium-ion battery system
      • Up to 50 minutes of active blow time
      • 25-Ft. blow distance
      • Adjustable liquid output
      • Ability to reach 100-micron droplet size 
      • Trigger lock & adjustable trigger handle position
      • 2.5-Gallon removable tank
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