Generate Mosquito-Borne Profit with the Vortex™ Battery-Powered Backpack Mist Blower

With malaria making headlines in 2023 (for the first time since 2003), mosquito-borne illness is top of mind for American homeowners. This presents an opportunity for Pest Management Professionals to capture homeowner demand by offering monthly mosquito treatments. This added service can quickly become a profitable revenue generator by upselling existing quarterly perimeter pest control customers.

Start With the Right Equipment: Battery Powered Mosquito Fogger

When considering mosquito fogger equipment, there are two choices: a gas powered or battery powered fogger. Besides the fact that 2 stroke engines are being outlawed in an increasing number of states, there are clear advantages to consider with Lithium-ion battery operated mist blowers.

Mosquito foggers are just now joining the battery-powered movement. Quieter, easier to use, easier to maintain, better for the environment… it’s a no-brainer! With the Vortex™ battery-powered fogger, there is no pull-starting the machine, teaching technicians how to mix gas and oil, storing hot machines in truck beds, or tuning up carburetors. Plus, there’s no more gasoline cost or fill-up time. If you’re a pest control company or landscaping company looking to add another service into your routine or enhance your current one, now’s the time.

Respect Factor: Reduce Your Noise Pollution

When treating mosquitoes, especially in upscale neighborhoods or business parks, noise becomes a concern for operators trying to treat properties. If you’re dealing with an upscale clientele or city noise ordinances, a battery fogger is the way to go.

Misting bushes and trees to treat for mosquitos

The Vortex™ comes in at 70 decibels when measured 50 feet away, compared to a gas powered fogger that sits at 80 decibels. To put it into perspective, 70 decibels is equivalent to the noise level of riding in a passenger vehicle at 60 miles per hour on the highway. With every 3 decibel points being a perceived doubling of sound, 80 decibels is equivalent to the noise level of a vacuum cleaner. Gas powered is much louder and disturbing to the surrounding neighborhood or businesses in the treatment area. Operators can market their businesses not only as eco-friendly, but as noise-friendly.

“Eco” vs. “Boost” Mode: Adjustable Blow Force

The blow force power packed into this battery fogger machine starts and ends with a high-efficiency 600W axial fan and motor.

This fan assembly blows at 450 cubic feet per minute on “Boost” Mode. Boost mode is ideal for targets that are higher up or farther away, hitting distances up to 30-feet.

Misting top of a tree

“Eco” Mode can be used for closer targets and sprays at 60% power for a blow force of 270 ft3/minute. “Eco” Mode conserves battery power and allows technicians to spray for a longer time without recharging the battery.

The Vortex includes a 40V/8Ah Lithium-ion Battery that on “Boost Mode” lasts for 25 minutes, and on “Eco Mode” lasts up to 60 minutes. You can easily and quickly change modes on the handle through a click-position knob.

Control Droplet Size and Flow Rate to Meet Application Needs

Fed by a motorized diaphragm pump, the Vortex™ mist blower has a 5-position flow-control knob at the end of the front duct assembly, affording technicians control of the flow rate and droplet size for the given job.

Mist Blower Flow Control Knob Droplet Micron Sizes

Instead of being gravity-fed like a typical fogger machine, the Vortex™ uses a motorized diaphragm pump to deliver liquid to the end of the blow tube. For mosquito treatments, experts tend to prefer the smaller droplet sizes achieved at knob position #3 or #4. These positions are more desirable so the insecticide can easily adhere to the bottom of leaves.

Reference the chart above for the micron sizes that can be achieved by rotating between positions 1-4. Positions 1-4 change the flow rate and the micron size, while position 0 is the shut off.

Mist Blower Flow Rate Chart (GPM)

You can engage the flow of water by pushing the red button on the mist blower handle. The Vortex™ backpack mist blower doubles as a leaf blower and allows you to stop the flow of liquid when needed or desired. 

Battery Powered Means “Easy to Use”

When it comes to battery powered foggers versus gas foggers, the choice is clear: battery-powered misters make applications more consistent and efficient. 

the mist blower tank, lid, and lower housing

Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience by switching to battery-powered. 

  • No gasoline fill-up time or gasoline cost
  • No transporting a flammable substance
  • No teaching technicians to mix gas or oil correctly
  • No continuous need to start or stop the machine
  • No storing a hot unit in the vehicle or trailer
  • No need to tune unit every couple months
  • No more carburetor / messy wiring / components to repair
  • Easier to mix chemicals with removable tank
  • 33% lighter than gas-powered blowers (Vortex 2.5 gallon mist blower = 19 lbs dry / 39 lbs fully loaded)

SwapTank™ Technology to Increase Operating Efficiency

Easily switch between tanks with the all new SwapTank™ technology from FlowZone. Both 2.5-gallon and 4-gallon SwapTank™ capacities are available, The Vortex™ mist blower SwapTank™ system allows the user to remove the tank from the mist blower and fill up liquid with ease. 

Filling up tank

One of the benefits of having swappable tanks is that technicians can pre-fill multiple tanks and store them on their vehicle before leaving the shop so they’re not mixing chemicals in the field. This allows technicians to operate more efficiently and reduce time spent at the spray site. 

The Winner: Vortex™ Battery Mist Blower

The FlowZone Vortex™ battery-powered backpack fogger is a trailblazing product in the pest control industry. As an eco-friendly, noise-friendly, and efficient piece of equipment, it’s sure to support your business in capturing those mosquito-concerned homeowners who are already your customer. As the demand for reliable pest solutions within mosquito control increases, the Vortex™ is the perfect tool to enhance the quality of life for your customers and scale your business.

Please reach out to us today to find a local pest or landscape chemical distributor that stocks the Vortex™ battery mist blower to take the next steps in revolutionizing your pest solutions at or by phone at +1 (803) 339-2500.

Written by: Olivia Lane
Last edited: January 18, 2024


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