Pump & Circuit Board Assembly

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Replacement diaphragm pump and circuit board.

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Replacement diaphragm pump and circuit board.

Customer Reviews

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Robert K.
Treated more than fairly

It was my fault that the pump failed. It was out of warranty, yet I was given pricing consideration because I had used the unit just a few times. The quality of the replacement parts was top-notch.

Charlie B.
Update of previous one star review

I recently left a one star review because the second sprayer pump failed after 1.5 years of light use. Shortly after leaving the review, I was contacted by Hany, a customer representative with FlowZone, He asked me a number of questions trying to determine what was wrong with my sprayer/pump. I sent him pictures of the rusty pump interior and diaphragm. He sent me a prepaid shipping label to return the pump for further inspection. Upon receiving the defective pump, he promptly shipped me a new pump at no charge. Actually, I never requested a replacement because I knew mine was out of warranty. Based on my interaction with Hany, and the excellent customer service, and the performance of the sprayer when working properly, I can now recommend purchasing this sprayer.

Dave O.
Typhoon pump

Very easy to install. Backpack is ready to go

Christopher R.
easy to change

I received a replacement pump and circuit board assembly. The replacement was easy. I am impressed by the quality of the construction of the pump system. One suggestion, include a piece of shrink tubing with the assembly for the connection between the switch and the circuit board.

Tyler B.
Great price

Had my flowzone cyclone for a big pest company brand. Spraying over 13 homes a day. After 2 years the pump or control module quit. Ordered this kit and arrived in a few days. Install took 30mins to replace. Now good as new