What's New in 2021?: Sprayer Updates

What's New in 2021?: Sprayer Updates

Did you hear the news? We just released our 2021 backpack sprayer updates! Introducing the all-new “5-Position Variable Pressure” system by FlowZone®. With 5 fixed dial positions, you can lock into any of 5 desired flow rates/pressure settings to consistently and accurately control your output. Choose from 4 sprayer options that vary in capacity and output: Typhoon 2.5Cyclone 2.5Storm 2.5, and Monsoon 2.5.

5-Position Dial

The most exciting new feature of the series 2.5 backpack sprayers is the 5-Position Dial! The familiar variable-pressure dial has been updated with five click-in positions. Dial into one of the five settings or anywhere in between. Easily calibrate your nozzles and control spray output!


Another beneficial feature of the series 2.5 lawn sprayers is the ComfortStraps™. Comfortably tend to your yard with these new vest-style backpack straps that are adjustable to your chest, stomach, and hips. ComfortStraps™ is designed to provide ease and comfort while accommodating to all body types! 

UV-Resistant Hose

In addition to the 5-Position Dial and ComfortStraps™, the new and improved Series 2.5 sprayers come with a UV-Resistant PVC hose. All new black, double-reinforced, and threaded PVC hose maintains integrity under high UV and temperatures.

Increased Waterproofing

Lastly, the series 2.5 backpack sprayers have new waterproof components which protect the internal parts of the sprayer. The electrical components inside the sprayer most susceptible to water damage are now sealed in a clear epoxy or waterproof. This includes the micro-switch, circuit board, and wire connections.

With each of these exciting new features, we know that these sprayers will enhance your spraying experience! Keep checking our website and follow our Instagram and Facebook for inventory updates. We’re working hard to restock just in time for your spring needs!

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