M18 Threaded 110-Degree Fan Nozzle

This nozzle sprays a flat fan pattern. Ideal for application of thinner, water or oil based chemicals.

FlowZone nozzles have been purposefully sourced and approved for our sprayers. This TeeJet-style nozzle sprays a flat fan pattern at 110-degrees.

You can spray consistently and efficiently on larger sized lawns. With its wide spray pattern, it cuts down significantly on time spent spraying. This nozzle is great for insecticides, pesticides, and any other high-coverage needs.

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Customer Reviews

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James G.
Good service, good parts

Bought two cyclone sprayers, so far so good

Kevin W.
Just what I needed

Great product.

G S.D.

M18 Threaded 110-Degree Fan Nozzle

Eric M.
Great replacement

Seems that every one of my yard use pumps, backpack sprayer, etc all had some kind of issue over the winter and now leaks. This is on the pieces that I had to replace. Just like the original, this one works great with the T-Jet tip that I run in there. Never any issues all last year and expect the same with this new one. Just have to do a bit more this fall to empty everything and not have everything crack next winter!

Doug B.
2.5 gallon sprayer - best sprayer ever

I recently bought the 2.5 gallon sprayer. And I love it. I have a small 1500 square-foot lawn. So I did not need to get the bigger one. The power on the sprayer is fantastic. It goes from 20 to 60 psi. It has five settings that you can turn the pressure to. I love having that option. The flow zone tips are wonderful and the shoulder pad that you strap on is very comfortable. It has a chest and waist clip to keep the sprayer secure on your back. The sprayer gets a five star rating. There are none out there that are better. The only disappointment was it took over a month to receive this item. From the date that I ordered it. But I understand Covid probably had a little to do with that getting it shipped out sooner. Look no further. You will not be disappointed.