Typhoon 3 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer (4-Gallon)


    Tackle high-volume and long distance spray jobs with our most powerful backpack sprayer: the Typhoon 3™. This 3rd generation sprayer is ideal for projects that require up to 1 gallon per minute chemical output.


    Now introducing the 4-Gallon Typhoon Series 3 Sprayer! With a 30-ft spray distance, this sprayer introduces design updates that significantly improve your spraying experience. By taking our customers feedback, we've implemented various tank advancements and brand new nozzle lineups.

    What's New?

    The Typhoon Series 3 Sprayer now offers:

    • Detachable Hose
    • Sealed Inner Electronics
    • Improved Serviceability
    • Updated QC Nozzles (TeeJet Style) [QC 45 Degree Fan TeeJet, QC 0 Degree Pin Stream TeeJet, QC Brass Adjustable Cone Nozzle]
    • More Liquid Indicator Marks
    • Wedge-lock wand holsters.

      The Typhoon 3™ is your premier choice in spraying equipment.


    Spray Time: Up to 3 hours

    Spray Distance: >30 Feet

    Pressure: 7-115 psi

    Total Output: Up to 110 gallons per charge

    Lithium-ion Battery: 18V/5.2Ah

    Flow Rate: 0.42-1.12 gpm

    Pump Type: Heavy-Duty Diaphragm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Chuck M.
    small orchardist Typhoon 3 review

    I bought a typhoon 3 sprayer this spring to replace an older 20 volt Chapin and I couldn't be more thrilled. The spraypower this thing exerts has cut my orchard spray time by at least 25%.It's an extremely well engineered piece and the harness hip and sternum belts easily enable a 4 gallon portage on my hillside planted trees. All I can say is, treat yourself to this if your sprayer is not what it should be.
    I also ordered a different wand from a third party and it turned out to be defective. I discussed the matter with Alejandro at Wessol and he very quickly resolved the issue. He was great to deal with! So, two excellent company features, great product and great service.
    Thanks so much!

    Tommy R.
    Excellent service

    Great service

    Zach G.
    Flowzones units are awesome

    The typhoon 3 is the answer. So versatile and does such a great job for so many uses. Highly recommend

    William T.M.
    Flowzone Typhoon 3

    Nice unit, does a good job as a sprayer for my trees and shrubs.

    robert g.
    great experience

    seamless ordering and timely delivery